The rescued animals at the Organization for Bat Conservation’s Bat Zone at Cranbrook come from all over the world. There are over 150 total bats, encompassing 10 different species, including vampires from Central and South America, fruit bats from Africa, insect-eating bats from North America, and giant flying fox bats from Asia. The bats have come to the Bat Zone due to overcrowding, injury, or illegal ownership.

Other nocturnal animals at the Bat Zone include a southern two-toed sloth from Central and South America, sugar gliders from Australia, flying squirrels from North America, and three owl species from North America (Eastern screech, barred, and great-horned). Our only diurnal (daytime) animal is the Australian bearded dragon.

The animals are cared for by a dedicated and caring group of staff and volunteers. Many are wonderful ambassadors for their species and wildlife conservation.

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