Bat Removal In Michigan


Have you ever experienced a bat flying in your Michigan home? Critter Catchers is the exclusive bat removal partner for the Organization for Bat Conservation. We have been working with this bat removal company since 2006. OBC works closely with this business to provide training, guidance, and support on Michigan bats.

Those located in Southeast Michigan, are encouraged to contact Critter Catchers to safely remove bats from unwanted places. Michigan residents that have problems with bats might experience the occasional bat flying inside the house, or hear scratching noises in the walls or ceiling. Critter Catchers can provide a humane solution to your bat problem.

Bat removal is not a do-it-yourself project for most people. The project requires working high above the ground on a two-story ladder, and navigating steeply pitched rooflines. Additionally, you can not underestimate the bat's keen ability to locate small gaps in the house to gain entry - a thorough job is required for a successful bat removal project.

Your Michigan home is not the best place for a bat to take up residence. When a bat is found flying in your house, it is exposed to added threats that are not found in the wild. You can help provide a more suitable habitat for bats, by requesting that an OBC bat house be installed during the bat removal process.

Critter Catchers

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