Bat House Projects

The Organization for Bat Conservation assists in many bat house projects around Michigan. We hope our projects will provide you with ideas for your local area. In doing so, you’ll provide bats with safe and secure homes while also giving the community a unique and rewarding learning experience.

Check out the various ways OBC is involved in the local community with these recent projects:

  • Bats & Organic Gardening
    Bats are crucial to gardeners and farmers, playing an important role by eating thousands of pest insects that feed on the crops we grow. OBC is assisting on a multi-year study, providing and monitoring bat houses on seven apple orchards. Read more to find out more details and how this study will benefit farmers and bats alike!
  • Bat Houses on Cranbrook Campus
    OBC and Cranbrook have collaborated in placing 9 bat houses around the campus. The bat houses are a valuable learning tool and will help reduce insect populations on campus. Find out more and see the process of installing bat houses on posts.
  • Going Batty for Volts
    Find out how OBC, GM, the Lasky Recreation Center in Detroit and Farms Intermediate School have come together to create bat houses by reusing Chevrolet Volt battery covers as a way of reducing waste and providing homes for wildlife.
  • Hundreds of Bats Find Refuge in Bat Houses
    Learn how one resident was able to provide refuge for hundreds of bats. She was able to both exclude bats from her barn, while providing them with better homes in bat houses on her property. These bats continue to eat thousands of insect pests on her property every year!
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