One Man Bat House Installation

George from Griffon, GA just sent us a outline of how he installed his bathouse on a 17' pole, and made the bat house servicable by him self.  We liked this idea so much we decided to pass it along to everyone.

The way he did it was a fairly easy one-man project taking advantage of balance and leverage:

  • Plant a 12 ft. 4x4 three feet deep in concrete leaving 9' above ground. 
  • 1ft. from the top of the 12' 4x4 another 16' 4x4 was bolted through with an 18" galvanized bolt with galvanized washers and nut so that the total height was 17'. 
  • The single bolt at the top was left loose enough to allow the 16' 4x4 to be swiveled down in order to mount the bat house. 
  • After mounting the bat house the pole is swiveled back straight and upright then bolted through about 3' up from the ground to secure it in the straight position.  

The portion of the 16' 4x4 that lies below the upper bolt is sufficiently greater than the portion above to bolt to offset much of the weight of the bat house making it easy to swivel.

By removing the lower bolt, the bat house can be swiveled down for servicing if needed.

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