Conservation Projects

The Organization for Bat Conservation supports several key projects that are important to the conservation of species and habitat.  We have been researching bat houses since 1992 and have documented great success with both design and placement.  Bat houses have been proven to provide habitat to bats that are crucial for insect control.  One bat house project works to integrate bats with organic farms in Michigan in an attempt to naturally reduce the orchard pests in the area. 


White-nose Syndrome has devastated nearly 2 million bats throughout North America in a very short period.  Migrating bats also have been impacted by some wind turbine installations.  The Organization for Bat Conservation organizes and supports annual conferences to address these and other threats to bats.  Some of meetings include the Midwest Bat Working Group, Michigan Bat Working Group, and the Michigan bats-in-minesworkshop.  Financial support is also given to projects that are dedicated to finding a way to stop or slow the spread of WNS and reduce the negative wildlife impact of wind farms. 


Endangered species protection is also a key goal of the Organization for Bat Conservation.  The award-winning Rodrigues Fruit Bat Project has been very successful in the projection of the endangered golden bat.  Other projects include Malaysian teacher training and research at Mesa Verde National Park.



Conservation Projects

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