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Rob Mies is an exciting and adventurous scientist, conservationist, TV personality, and bat expert who has focused his passion on educating and entertaining people about one of the most unique and misunderstood animals in the world. His energetic, charismatic, and captivating personality explains why he is continually requested to present to sold-out auditoriums. This author, Director, and Founder of the Organization for Bat Conservation has appeared on many television shows with his furry, winged friends including The Tonight Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Fox & Friends, and Martha Stewart. 

Rob Mies started working with bats in 1992 at Eastern Michigan University studying the endangered Indiana bat in the swamps of Michigan. Rob is the author of several scientific papers, along with the book “Understanding Bats,” the producer of OBC’s award-winning video “Bats: The True Story,” and also author of the field guide “Beginner’s Guide to Bats.”  Rob is an advisor and member of the American Zoological Association Bat Taxon Advisory Group, North American Society of Bat Researchers, President of the Midwest Bat Working Group, and the Chairman of the Michigan Bat Working Group.  

From swamps to caves to rainforests, Rob’s research and conservation projects have taken him to all corners of North America, Costa Rica, Australia, and the Mauritius Islands in the Indian Ocean. His research includes work with the endangered Indiana Bat of the United States, endangered Rodrigues Fruit Bat in the Indian Ocean, and the threatened Spectacled Flying Fox Bat in Australia. Rob’s conservation work has been featured in television documentaries by Paramount Pictures “Wild Things” and Germany’s “Nature Adventure.”



To contact Rob you can email him at rmies@batconservation.org, attention Rob Mies or call him at 248-645-3232 ext. 9. 

Quotes about the Bat Encounter program

Rob Mies of the Organization for Bat Conservation captivated the audience for the Illinois State Museum's 2007 science program for middle school students and their families. He thrilled participants with clips from television appearances and four species of live bats. More importantly, his presentation stimulated interest in bat behavior and ecology and imparted a strong conservation message for this diverse audience of over 200 children and adults. We are already planning to invite him back. 
Bonnie Styles, Ph.D., Museum Director 
Illinois State Museum (Springfield, IL)
I knew Robs presentation would be a hit for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, as soon as I met Kamilah. After all, if I could walk away from one of the largest bats in the world thinking it was cute than anyone could! Bat Appreciation Day and VIP Bat Encounter generated an overwhelming response for the Museum, including more than 1,500 visitors for four presentations, and many generous membership upgrades for our VIP event. Our members, donors and visitors are still buzzing about the Bat Guy, and our Museum Director has officially agreed that indeed, bats are as cute as kittens. 
Danielle Lacharite, Director of Membership
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (LA, CA) 
The Malayan bat was a huge hit and I heard gasps from the audience when he was brought around to meet people and have his picture taken. I think my personal favorite was the fuzzy endangered Golden Bat; just beautiful and quite a personality as well! Your presentation is a nice mix of a professional show person and a fun educational experience that I know the staff and our visitors to Turtle Bay will remember for years to come. 
Joanne Gimble-Boardman, Animal Specialist/Manager
Turtle Bay Exploration Park (Redding, CA) 
The program sold out! I couldn't hold one more person and had to turn people away! Rob is an absolutely wonderful presenter and he makes bats fun! His fruit bats and the Malayan Flying Fox were a huge hit. I WILL have them back again very soon! After this program I had people come up to me and THANK ME for having Rob here to do his program - that is so rare! I absolutely recommend any program by the Organization for Bat Conservation. 
Debbie Greene, Superintendent
Natural Resources for the Joliet Park District
Pilcher Park Nature Center (Joliet, IL) 
I am still hearing rave reviews  months after your appearance  from both kids and their parents. We are sure many of the folks in attendance, young and old alike, will remember this family day for a long time to come. You were an absolute hit in these parts! It is so important to educate the public on the importance of bats in the environment, the benefits of having bats and to encourage conservation of both the bats and their habitats. Your program was just the right mix of information, education, and the Wow! factor. 
Robin Garr, Director of Education
Bruce Museum of Arts and Science (Greenwich, CT) 
Your program was excellent being informative in an entertaining way. 
Bill Bradshaw, Director
Roper Mountain Science Center (Greenville, SC) 
This fascinating program is both educational and entertaining and helps to spread the message that bats are good for the environment. 
Rita London, Public Programs Manager
Childrens Museum of Manhattan (NYC, NY) 
What a show, and what and educator! Adults and children ages 2-13 thought Rob Mies and his bats were amazing. Weve booked him for the same bat time, same bat channel next year! 
Jacqui Leader, Director of Programming
Childrens Museum of the East End (Bridgehampton, NY) 
Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Rob Mies and his live bat presentation! We had huge numbers turn out to see the bats. So many in fact, we had to add an extra program. Not only was Rob easy to work with and the community response so overwhelming, Robs presentation was top notch. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Rob handled the crowds and questions with great composure. We are bringing him back next year for an extended experience. 
Stephanie McKenzie, Associate Director of Education and Programs
Childrens Museum of Wilmington (Wilmington, NC) 
I was impressed by the content, the delivery, and the ability of the presenter to adapt to the age of the audience. The science was accurate and understandable, and the experience as a whole a model of the best kind of educational entertainment. 
Tessa Bridal, Director of Interpretation
The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)
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