Bat & Moth Game

Bats can find their food using sounds waves called echolocation.
Play this game to see if can be the bat and catch a moth using sounds and your hearing alone.

You will need:

  • 4 or more friends
  • Blind fold
  • Large area to play in


How to play

Decide who will be the bat and who will be the moth. Everyone else will be trees.All the trees make a circle around the bat and the moth.The object of the game is for the bat to catch the moth. Both the bat and the moth can move inside the circle of trees but cant go outside it. Blind fold the bat, and spin the bat around three times.

Then the bat shouts bat! and the moth has to immediately say moth! back. As the bat moves in the direction of the sounds from the moth, the moth tries to escape. (Its best if the bat and moth walk.) The bat can call bat as much times as they want and the moth must instantly answer moth. If the bat or moth bumps into a tree the trees shouts tree.

The game ends when the bat touches the moth. Then the moth can be the bat and one of the trees can be the moth. If there are a lot of players try playing with more then one bat and moth.

© 2012 Organization for Bat Conservation