Get Involved

Now that you think bats are great, you probably want to know how you can help.  You can sponsor one of our rescued animals at the Bat Zone, donate to our conservation projects, and become a member right on line.  If you want to see live bats, you can book a live show, visit the bat-zone, or check out our program schedule to see when we will be near you.

In your own backyard, you can put up a bat house, plant a bat garden, and start a bat club.  We have great information on our kids page and teacher-page for activities like how to take a bat walk and making bat crafts. 

You can also join our dedicated team of volunteers that help care for animals, educate the public, and assist with special events.  

2012 is International Year of the Bat.  Celebrate and get involved.  To learn more about Year of the Bat and find an event near year, visit Year of the Bat.

BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure is offering an exciting, FREE education program this spring (April 18, May 3 and May 17, 2012) to bring bat conservation to life in your classroom and community. Check out all of the resources at the the BatsLIVE web site at and share this information with your colleagues.

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