Going Batty for Volts

The Organization for Bat Conservation, General Motors Corporation, the Lasky Recreation Center in Detroit and Farms Intermediate School came together to create bat houses by reusing Chevrolet Volt battery covers as a way of reducing waste and providing homes for wildlife.

John Bradburn, the manager of waste-reduction efforts for GMC, focuses on repurposing materials when possible rather than just recycling which will use more energy and resources.  He and OBC Executive Director Rob Mies came up with a design for bat houses using Chevrolet Volt battery covers and other repurposed materials from GM, each capable of providing homes to a 100 bats or more. 

Rob, John, volunteer engineers from GMC, and the youth at Lasky Recreation Center and Farms Intermediate School worked together to build multiple bat houses and wood duck boxes for Michigan wildlife.    

The bat houses will be placed in Southeast Michigan to provide bats a safe place to live and in return the bats will provide humans with free insect control. 

For more details, check out GM's Beyond Now blog which includes an interview with the Director of OBC, Rob Mies.

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